VBAC and Caesarean Links

caesarean.org.uk Caesarean Birth and VBAC information.

ican-online.org International Caesarean Awarness Network, Inc.

vbac.org.uk Information about choosing a VBAC.

vbac.com Provides researched based evidence, resources and support for VBAC.

The ARM website - VBAC The Association of Radical Midwives VBAC page.

Planning a Good Caesarean ARM's page on planning a good caesarean.

Risks of a Caesarean ARM's page on the risks of caesareans.

Caesarean Babies ARM's page on the effect of caesarean birth on the baby.

VBAC InformationVBAC Information's contact details.

Pregnancy and Birth Related Links

homebirth.org.uk Homebirth reference site.

ARM The Association of Radical Midwives.

independentmidwives.org.uk The Independent Midwives Assosiation.

The Crescent Midwife This is the site of the wonderful midwife I hired for the pregnancy, birth and postnatal care of me and my twins.

NCT The National Childbirth Trust.

Doula UK is the UK association of doulas. You can find a doula near you here and also find more info and support about becoming a doula yourself.

birthchoiceuk.com Your birth options in the UK.

aims.org.uk Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services.

Pelvic Instability Network Scotland (PINS) is a newly founded charity to help women with pelvic pain during pregnancy, birth and thereafter.

Cloth Nappy and Eco Friendly Sanitary Wear Links

Twinkle Twinkle are a Berkshire based business that sell a huge range of cloth nappies and accessories and provide lots of useful advice on using cloth.

The Cloth Resource has loads of links to info on cloth nappies etc including where to buy them and how to use them!

The Mooncup is a eco and woman friendly, reusable menstrual cup.

Baby Sling Links

Big Mama Slings is a great baby wearing resource and shop where you can both rent and buy slings, ensuring that you find the right sling for you and your little one!

Bright Spark Slings are home-made slings that always get people talking when I am out carrying my babies in them! Wonderful slings and wonderful prices!

The Baby Wearer website is brilliant resource for all things sling and baby-wearing related!

Baby Armadillo sells slings and things!

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