Caesarean and VBAC Stories

Ali L's VBAC
Ali's long and successful VBAC with an independant midwife in a NHS hospital.

Allison Browns's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Allison's emergancy caesarean after an induction and her successful VBAC

Amanda Garside's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Amanda's emergency caesarean for "failure to progress" and her vontouse assisted VBAC.

Amy Nemiccolo's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Amy's caesarean after induction and sucessful VBAC despite her doctor's poor attitude!

Beth Jones's Caesarean and HBAC
Beth had a caesarean for breech presentation followed by a HBAC

Bev's Elective Caesarean, VBAC and HBAC
Bev had an elective caesarean after a traumatic experience with her first birth. Her third child was a VBAC and her fourth a HBAC!!

Carol Allen's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Carol's crash caesarean due to a failed forceps delivery and her successful VBAC.

Caroline Kirby's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Caroline's emergency caesarean after a failed ventouse delivery and her swift, successful VBAC.

Caroline Spear's Emergency Caesarean and HBAC
Caroline's emergency caesarean after immense bullying and assault during labour of her breech baby, and her triumphant home water birth.

Christine Decoster-Ryan's Two Caesareans and Two VBACS
Christine has had two caesareans and two VBACs!

Claire Morrow-Goodman's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Claire's emergency caesarean and her inspiring VBAC in hospital after transferring in from a planned homebirth

Emma's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Emma's emergency caesarean at full dilation for fetal distress and her VBAC.

Emma Creed's Two Emergency Caesareans and her HBA2C
Emma had two emergency caesareans before having her triumphant home waterbirth!

Gemma's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Gemma had an emergency caesarean after a failed attempt at a forceps delivery. She then had a VBAC despite originally thinking she wanted to have a caesarean!

Gemma's Elective Caesarean and VBAC
Gemma had an elective caesarean for her breech baby before going on to have her VBAC.

Jenna's Caesarean and VBAC
Jenna's emergency caesarean at 10cm dilation and her VBAC

Jessie Morrison's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Jessie had a traumatic experience with her emergency caesarean for fetal distress. She went on to have a wonderful VBAC!

Karen Newman's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Karen's emergency caesarean due to fetal distress and very fast VBAC!

Karianne Law's Crash Caesarean and HBAC
Karianne an emergency caesarean under general anaesthetic followed by a HBAC

Katrina Hampson's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Katrina's Emergancy Caesarean at full dilation and her successful VBAC

Kirstie Prince's Three Caesareans and HBA3C
Kirstie's three caesareans and her inspiring and healing HBA3C

Lisa Hatton's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Lisa's emergency caesarean due to pre-eclampsia and her successful VBAC.

Lucy Chick's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Lucy's emergency caesarean due to fetal distress and "failure to progress" and her vontouse assisted VBAC

Mary Stoneman's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Mary's emergency caesarean after failed induction and her successful VBAC.

Melanie Hughes' Homebirth after Four Caesareans
Melanie tells us the amazing story of her homebirth after four caesareans!

Merry Raymond's VBAC
Merry's VBAC after an emergency caesarean for her first baby.

Nikki Ford's planned HBA2C/Caesarean and HBA4C
Nikki's attempted HBA2C which ended in a Caesarean and her successful HBA4C

Rachel Dando's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC
Rachel's transfer to hospital from a birthing centre for an emergency caesarean and her succesful VBAC of a 10lb 10oz baby.

Rachel Hayball's Caesarean and VBAC
Rachel had a caesarean section for the birth of her twins, followed by a VBAC for her next birth

Rebecca's Elective Caesarean Section and HWBAC
Rebecca's elective caesarean section due to worsening back problems and her wonderful home water birth after caesarean!

Sarah Marsh's Emergency Caesarean and VBAC's editor's emergency caesarean at full dilation and successful VBAC after induction.

Sarah Marsh's Twin HBAC editor's home birth of her twins including the "hands off" vaginal breech birth of twin one.

Sarah Grundy's Emergency Caesarean and HBAC
Sarah had an emergency caesarean for breech presentation after labouring at home. Her second child was born at home with an independent midwife.

Shirley Gaston's Two Emergency Caesareans and VBAC.
Shirley had two emergency caesareans before going on to have a VBAC.

Tina's Emergency Caesarean and HBAC
Tina has had an emergency caesarean followed by a HBAC!

Zoe Lench's Emergency Caesarean, Elective Caesarean and VBA2C
Zoe had an Emergancy caesarean with her first-born, an elective caesarean with her second and then a VBAC with her third baby.

Zoe Downer's Two Caesareans and VBAC
Zoe had two emergency caesareans followed by a VBAC despite fibroid problems and an early labour!

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