Who Runs This Site?

My name is Sarah Marsh. I'm 27 years old and mum to 5; Bryony born on 19th December 2001, Jenna born on February 8th 2003, twins Rhianna and Euan, born on June 14th 2004 and Kitty (Kathryn) born on April 18th 2006! I had an emergency caesarean section after 24 hours of labour with my first born, Bryony. When I became pregnant with our second baby I was determined to experience a natural birth. In February 2003 I had a very positive VBAC which has been life changing for me. I then went on to hire an independent midwife with my next pregnancy and I had yet another amazing experience of childbirth when my twins were born at home. Kitty, our last baby, also arrived at home just a couple of weeks after moving house! My stories are here on vbac.co.uk. You can also view my own homepage here.

Me and my family!

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